When supplying our products, we make every effort to ensure the highest quality. Maintaining quality depends overwhelmingly on the conditions under which the products are transported, put into storage and stored.

What is it necessary to do?

  • Create a storage plan that shows the current utilisation of facilities. Keep it where it can be accessed easily.
  • Keep the storage instructions (user guide) available for easy reference.
  • Train your employees how to handle equipment and products safely and how to behave in emergencies.
  • Follow the first-in/first-out principle.
  • Ensure orderliness and cleanliness.
  • Emergency equipment and emergency exits must be freely accessible at all times.
  • Repair and maintenance works may only be carried out with the permission of the entrepreneur or a responsible representative.
  • The safety regulations must be complied with.
  • Electrical equipment must comply with the regulations.
  • Signs with warning symbols should be used to identify dangerous areas.
  • Storage boxes and containers have to be marked correctly.
  • Safety inspections must be carried out.

What rules should be observed?

  • No access for unauthorised persons.
  • No smoking, no fire or open flame.
  • No gas cylinders, oil drums, oil or gas tanks or heating and vehicle fuel filling stations in the proximity of fertilizers.
  • Do not use lamps with light bulbs. Use fluorescent lamps.
  • Avoid contact between lamps and fertilizers.
  • No heat sources in direct proximity to fertilizers.
  • No hot work without written permission and without strict control (monitoring).
  • No contamination of fertilizers with flammable or combustible organic substances, chemicals, plant protection agents, corrosive or poisonous substances, or materials, which burn easily: paper, oils and fats, textiles, wood, wood wool, hay, straw, cereals, cardboard boxes, packaging filler materials.
  • No sawdust for drying the floor (use incombustible inorganic absorbent).