For special crops

Nitrophoska® S For special crops

High crop yields and a good-quality harvest mainly depend on adjusted and harmonious plant nutrition. To supply plants optimally with all the nutrients they require, it is necessary to know the specific needs of the different crops and take them into consideration. The conception of our Nitrophoska formulations is the result of knowledge and many years of experience in research and development of the BASF Limburgerhof agricultural research centre. Nitrophoska thus guarantees harmonious plant nutrition that is adjusted to the particular plant. Nitrophoska contains up to five main nutrients in a form that is immediately available to the plant. This guarantees an optimal supply of nutrients, even during critical phases of growth.

Products NP2O5K2OMgOSBZnFe
Nitrophoska® perfect 1552028---
Nitrophoska® special 121217280,020,01-
Nitrophoska® super 2051035-0,010,3
Nutrient content %


Specific forms of nutrients are of decisive importance in positive plant development. Chlorine plays a very special role here. We distinguish between plants that love chloride, such as all types of beet, celeriac and mangold as well as chloride-sensitive plants like many species of fruit and vegetables, special crops, grapes and tobacco.
The formulas from the Nitrophoska S product line are the right choice for these crops. This product line is low in chloride. It has a chloride content of below 2%. Potash is present in these products as potassium sulphate.


Thanks to the low chloride content, losses in growth are prevented by the effect of chlorine. In particular, in the case of vegetables, ornamental plants, the cultivation of fruit and grapes, and flowers, a chlorine-free supply must be ensured. Damage through build-up in the case of fine seed stores is prevented by a low salt concentration. Furthermore, applying Nitrophoska S fertilizers for vegetables and fruit improves the flavour of the harvest by promoting organic acids that affect the taste of crops. Nitrophoska S ensures higher crop yields, better quality and a secure harvest.


The Nitrophoska S products are ideal for providing balanced nutrition to special and intensive crops. The nutrient ratios and forms are tailored to the specific needs of these crops. Nitrophoska S is suitable for all chloride-sensitive crops as well as for soils with a high electric conductivity or soils with a high salt concentration.

The advantages at a glance

  • Improvement in valuable substances such as sugar, starch and protein
  • Increased sugar content in fruit and grapes
  • Improvement in flavour and quality
  • Increased starch content for potatoes
  • Improvement in the storage characteristics since less water collects in the plant tissue
Nitrophoska<sup>®</sup> S