All nutrients in one grain

Nitrophoska® All nutrients in one grain

High crop yields and a good-quality harvest mainly depend on adjusted and balanced plant nutrition. To supply plants optimally with all the nutrients they require, it is necessary to know the specific needs of the different crops and take them into consideration. The conception of our Nitrophoska formulations is the result of knowledge and many years of experience in research and development of the BASF Limburgerhof agricultural research centre. Nitrophoska thus guarantees balanced plant nutrition that is adjusted and adjusted to the particular plant. Nitrophoska contains up to five main nutrients in a form that is immediately available to the plant. This guarantees an optimal supply of nutrients, even during critical phases of growth.

Products NP2O5K2OMgOSBZnFe
Nitrophoska® --------
Nitrophoska® 12+12+17 S/Cl (+2+8) 121217280,020,01-
Nitrophoska® 13+10+20 (+0+3) 131020-5---
Nitrophoska® 15+13+13 (+0+5) 151313-5---
Nitrophoska® 15+15+15 (+0+2) 151515-2---
Nitrophoska® 20+10+10 (+0+3) 201010-3---
Nitrophoska® S --------
Nitrophoska® perfect 1552028---
Nitrophoska® special 121217280,020,01-
Nitrophoska® super 2051035-0,010,3
Nutrient content %


The products from the Nitrophoska line provide for high-quality complete plant nutrition with all important nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth. Thanks to their specific composition, the nutrient formulas are adjusted extremely precisely to the needs of different crops, crop rotations and cultivation systems. Not only the right nutrient ratio, but also the specific forms of the nutrients are of decisive importance in positive plant development.

The advantages at a glance

  • A combination of nutrients precisely adjusted to the needs of the crop
  • Complete fertilization of crops
  • Efficient and rapidly effective forms of nutrients
  • Minimal nutrient losses
  • For harmonious plant nutrition, all nutrients are present in every grain
  • Saves work steps
  • Excellent storage and spreading properties with working widths of over 40 m


In the direct vicinity of the Nitrophoska fertilizer grains, a dense network of roots develops, which can absorb all nutrients in balanced quantities. The young plants are optimally supplied and their root growth stimulated. The simultaneous availability of all nutrients has a positive effect on plant development and supports the nitrogen effect. This explains the enormously positive yield effect of using Nitrophoska fertilizers.

The nutrients in Nitrophoska

Nitrogen is present 30% to 50% as nitrate nitrogen and approx. 50% to 70% as ammonium nitrogen, and the case is similar with calcium ammonium nitrate. That is why Nitrophoska works quickly and persistently. Ammonia volatilisation losses, which occur, for example, in the case of urea, are largely prevented.

Phosphate is completely plant available and present 60% to 80% in water-soluble form. This part ensures that young plants have a head-start when it comes to spring growth. The remainder of the phosphate is soluble in ammonium citrate and is available during later growth periods.

Potash is present in a water-soluble chloride and / or sulphate form that is available to plants. The potash supply ensured by applying nitrogen and phosphate in early spring improves the N-saturation.

Magnesium is present 80% in water-soluble form. This ensures that the plant’s current needs are met and, if the soil is well supplied with magnesium, makes a contribution to maintenance application.

Sulphur is present in a moderately soluble sulphate form that is therefore quickly available to the plant. The current sulphur requirement is covered and N-saturation is improved.