Nitrophos® 20+20 (+0+2)


Thanks to their specific composition, our nutrient formulas are tailored extremely precisely to the needs of different crops, crop rotations and cultivation systems. The user can select precisely the product that he needs for his crop from the range of different Nitrophoska formulas. The influence of supply to the soil can thus be taken into consideration and the use of organic fertilizers can be adjusted to the current fertilizer recommendations. An all-round sufficient full supply of nutrients to crops is thus ensured.

The advantages at a glance

  • A combination of nutrients precisely adjusted to the needs of the crop
  • Complete fertilization of crops
  • Forms of nutrients that work efficiently and quickly
  • No nutrient losses
  • For harmonious plant nutrition, all nutrients are present in every grain
  • Saves work steps
  • Excellent storage and spreading properties with widths of over 40 m

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