Nitrogen Phosphate Fertilizers

The decision to apply phosphate fertilizers mainly depends on nutrient availability in the soil and crop requirements. Our nitrogen/phosphate fertilizers are appropriate for farms that use other products to ensure the supply of nitrogen and/or potash.

MAP (monoammonium phosphate) and DAP (diammonium phosphate) are attractively priced products that are suitable for preliminary fertilization in the context of crop rotations or for deep root fertilization of crops with poorly developed root systems. The ammonium component supports phosphate uptake.

Nitrophos® is applied when soils are already well-supplied with phosphate or to systematically supply crops with P.

Products NP2O5K2OMgOSBZnFe
Di-ammonium phosphate 1846------
Monoammonium phosphate 1252------
Nitrophos® 20+20 (+0+2) 2020--2---
Nutrient content %
Nitrogen Phosphate Fertilizers