19. July 2018

Strong seedlings, secure harvest

Quick and reliable nutrient uptake, stress-free development of seedlings / Applicable in maize, oilseed rape, beets, sunflower, cereals and vegetables / Easy application together with the seeds / Available now

EuroChem is proud to announce the launch of Ultra Micro Granules (UMG), a new generation of micro-granule starter fertilizers that delivers nutrients precisely and directly to crops.  UMG can be applied while seeding, right alongside the seeds, saving time and securing the right crop nutrition.

Placement close to the roots provides growth edge

The joint application of UMG and seeds ensures that the seedlings roots can take up the macro-nutrients and trace elements right from the germination stage, resulting in a major development advantage. Thanks to the small granule size of 0.5–1 mm, UMG can directly take effect at the seedlings roots, stimulating early root growth. Reliable nutrient availability directly at the young root and a supported stronger root system development is the significant advantage over plants that are not fertilized with UMG. Targeted application also gives an environmental benefit because of the reduced risk of mineral loss by leaching.

UMG is particularly effective with maize as its application helps tackle phosphate deficiencies. During the planting season the ground is frequently cold and may not provide sufficient nutrients to the plants.  Additional trace elements (Fe, Mn, Zn) ensure optimal growth conditions.

Broad crop usage with high nutrient efficiency

Different crops such as maize, oilseed rape, beets, sunflowers, cereals and vegetables can be provided with the appropriate UMG variety, depending on soil conditions. This not only reduces the risk posed by unfavorable weather conditions but also secures a greater likelihood of a better yield and quality from the outset.

UMG starter fertilizer from EuroChem, small enough to be applied directly with the seed, efficiently providing nutrients directly to the seedlings roots.

Ultra Micro Granules (UMG)Brochure.


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