Environment, prospects and sustainability

In order to meet our food, environmental and energy challenges, the demand for fertilizers is greater than ever, with farmers all over the world needing to further increase their productivity.

Environment and prospects

Whether climate change, the growth in the world’s population or the shortage of resources – our future is full of challenges and offers many new opportunities. We are sure that the importance of agriculture will increase considerably in the coming years. New technologies are appearing all the time, and more and more young people are again deciding to enter the “green” professions. The agribusiness is becoming a key industry in meeting these major challenges, so that future generations too will be able to prosper, while living in harmony with nature.


By 2050, the world’s population will grow from, currently, 6.7 billion to 9.2 billion. Furthermore, there will be changes in eating habits especially in the emerging market countries, greater demand for bioenergy and an extremely limited supply of basic foodstuffs the world over. In the years to come, all this will mean that demand for agricultural goods will continue to increase.
The area under cultivation has been increasing constantly in recent years. However, it cannot be extended infinitely. An increase in crop yields can only be achieved in the long term by means of the more intensive working of existing farmland.

This is where EuroChem Agro can make a decisive contribution with its fertilizers, which are specifically designed to fulfil the requirements of different crops and regions.