What we offer

We are prepared for growth—with qualified, competent employees. We have made a point of defining a personnel policy that is geared to the future. The commitment, professional experience, and personal enthusiasm of our staff are the basis for our continuing success. As employees of an internationally active group of companies, we offer them a wide array of financial and social services.

Social and financial services

  • In addition to a fixed salary, our employees also receive variable bonuses that let them appropriately benefit from our business success.
  • As an enterprise of the chemical industry, we offer them all of the main benefits called for by the applicable collective bargaining agreement in Germany.
  • Years ago we intensively investigated the German government-sponsored social pension insurance program and concluded that our employees additionally require a company retirement plan. A program comprising various options was then developed. Our employees in Germany can choose from the following company retirement plans:
    • An employer-financed support fund that, provided certain prerequisites are met, pays out deferred compensation according to a fixed schedule. A portion of each employee’s income is paid into
    • the support fund, *
    • the Chemie Pensionsfonds (retirement fund for the German chemical industry), or *
    • an endowment-type life insurance policy taken out by the employer for the employee. *

How we promote employees’ development

  • We support our employees’ development by providing both in-house and external opportunities for them to receive additional training, carrying out personnel development projects, and drawing up career plans. For filling vacant management positions, preference is given to applicants from our own ranks.
  • Our employees’ good health is especially important to us. We have created a special working group, called fertiFit, to intensively address this issue.
  • Because there is more to life than working, we also actively help our employees to achieve a good work-life balance, for example through our membership in Familiengenossenschaft, an organization that facilitates daycare and other services, by enabling flexible working hours.
  • Within the scope of the working hours permitted by the collective bargaining agreement, the “trust-based flexitime” we have introduced on a pilot basis is working out very well. While respecting the company’s requirements, our employees themselves choose when they work and manage their own time. The prerequisites for this are a well-developed sense of responsibility and the willingness of everyone involved to communicate with one another in a spirit of trust.
  • Other services, such as covering part of our employees’ costs for commuting to work by public transportation, are a matter of course for us.
  • We have created an “i-team” working group to implement employees’ suggestions for better and more efficient structures and processes.

* Under certain conditions, we top up the premiums with an employer bonus.