Careers at EuroChem Agro

The qualifications and commitment of our employees are the reason why we continue to have excellent prospects. Forward-looking personnel management is key for healthy, sustainable corporate growth. We are therefore very interested in recruiting qualified individuals for the wide spectrum of activities we conduct: people who will apply their knowledge and experience to help actively drive our business growth.


Our employees: our company’s present and future

EuroChem Agro GmbH can only successfully position itself in the market if it has competent, motivated staff. It is vital for us to choose suitable new colleagues for our widely ranging activities. Our employees’ experience and knowledge are crucial factors for ensuring our customers’ satisfaction and thus for driving our business success.

To fill available positions, we are constantly looking for qualified, motivated individuals for long-term employment in a spirit of mutual trust.

When will you join the EuroChem Agro team?

University of Cooperative Education

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

To proactively ensure that we will continue to have the people we need, we train students at the Mannheim University of Cooperative Education—one of Germany’s best business colleges—who major in business administration with industry as their area of specialization.

At the Mannheim University of Cooperative Education, you receive broad training in the basics of business administration and gain in-depth knowledge and skills covering the entire range of business functions. During the practical phases, you work in our departments to immediately put what you have just learned into practice. We expect the same of you as of any other full member of the EuroChem Agro team, and support you in your development.

Prerequisites: General or subject-specific qualification for university entrance
(Abitur or equivalent, e.g. A-levels)
Program duration: 3 years

The Rhine-Neckar Region

The Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region is characterized by high quality of life. Germany’s seventh-largest conurbation, it offers excellent infrastructure and everything that makes life worth living. This includes attractive outdoor recreational opportunities in the Rhine Valley with its mild climate, the Palatinate forest, and the German Wine Route. The region also includes Bergstrasse-Odenwald Nature Park, the only German park that has been admitted to UNESCO’s Geopark network. (English version)